Working at Gatwick: essential information for companies and staff working at Gatwick

Airside operations

Safe and secure working airside at Gatwick is our priority. Here you can find information about the latest directives, safety advice, how to get approval to carry out works and how to report any incidents when you're working on the airfield. 

Working airside at Gatwick

ID Centre

All airport employees need to have an ID pass. The type of pass depends on your role and which areas you need access to. This area of our site will help you understand the role and process for getting an ID pass.

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Gatwick Guide

Are you new to Gatwick or feel you'd like to be better informed? Our guide is here to give you essential information about working at Gatwick. There's a lot to take in at the world's busiest single runway airport, so keep our guide to hand for quick reference. 

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