Aerodrome manual

The Gatwick Airport aerodrome manual contains details of the characteristics, policies and procedures for the safe operation of the airport. It complies with all applicable requirements and with the terms of the EASA Aerodrome Certificate.

The manual describes the systematic approach to the operation of the aerodrome, demonstrating our commitment to managing the aerodrome safely and effectively. While accountability starts a the top of any organisation, it is essential that everyone understands their own responsibilities and accountabilities as defined in the manual. 

The aerodrome manual is split into five parts:

  • Part A - General
  • Part B - Aerodrome management system, qualification and training requirements
  • Part C - Particulars of the aerodrome site
  • Part D - Particulars of the aerodrome required to be reported to the Aeronautical Information Service
  • Part E - Particulars of the operating procedures of the aerodrome, its equipment and safety measures

View or download the aerodrome manual

Please note this a very large file.