Gatwick Airport Directives

Gatwick Airport routinely distributes Gatwick Airport Directives (GADs) to nearly 1400 people across the airport.

Gatwick Airport Directives (GADs) are issued on behalf of the airport's chief operating officer and provide information and guidance on airside procedures. While we will continue to distribute all GADs to your company, you can find all airside GADs in this section. If you have any questions about GADs or want your company to be added or removed from the distribution list, please email:

The GADs are displayed in alphabetical order to help you easily find the subject you're looking for. You can also use the search functionality which will pick up key words within the document and return all relevant articles. 

It is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that relevant Airport Directives are brought to the attention of their staff. However individuals remain responsible for their own actions and those who are in any doubt should consult their supervisor or manager.

GADs in alphabetical order

Adverse weather warnings
Air Traffic Control radio calls for aircraft tugs
Aircraft and ground de-icing and anti-icing
Aircraft arrival and departure on stands
Aircraft blast
Aircraft Catering and Cabin Waste 2019-05-02
Aircraft Diversion Procedures
Aircraft parking
Aircraft servicing on parking stands
Airfield driving maps
Airport development
Airport waste and recycling management
Airside Discipline
Airside major and minor penalty notice
Airside Non Powered Equipment Operations
Airside Operators Licence
Airside Safety Training
Airside smoking facilities
Dropped baggage airside
Electronic communications approval process (ECAP)
Fire safety and seasonal decorations (including Christmas decorations)
Foreign Objective Debris (FOD)
Fuelling of aircraft
GAL company vehicle driving, road traffic incident procedures, damage to GAL vehicles
Geo-tagging of airside equipment
Illegally parked vehicles and equipment
Liquid storage use and disposal
Lost property - HM Revenue and Customs
Low visibility operations
Management of skips on the airfield
Mandatory fire awareness training
Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR)
Marshalling of aircraft
Operating Procedures - Aircraft Fixed Electrical Ground Power (FEGP)
Passenger boarding bridge operation
Personal protective equipment
Procedure for aircraft engine testing
Procedure for the approval of cranes and other tall equipment
Restrictions on the use of ground power units GPUs on aircraft stands
Runway 08L-26R operations
Safe contractor accreditation requirement
Security of tools and knives airside
Spill prevention response and reporting requirements
Stand Entry Guidance Systems (SEGS) - safety compliance
Standard Aircraft Pushback Procedures
Supplements for departure noise infringements
Suspicious bag or articles found on aircraft
Use and operation of stands 41 42 and 43
Use of aircraft stands
Use of aircraft wash stands
Use of taxiway crossings by airside drivers