Works authorisation

Gatwick is a busy place to work. We want to make it easy to do your job, and to do that it's important that anyone carrying out work at the airport has the necessary permits or permission to do so. Here you can find out about the works approval process and how to carry out work airside at Gatwick, including driving.

Airside works include maintenance and project activities by GAL staff, our suppliers and third parties.

Works authorisation

All airside works including maintenance, project activities, the use of cranes and hot works, require you to be authorised and hold a permit to carry out this work. To get authorisation, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Airdat portal, select login and then choose the Gatwick Airport tile. If your company is already registered, then please contact your nominated representative to apply for the permit to work.
  • If you are a new company, then you will need to register and complete training in order to manage any works applications.
  • New companies should select the passport option and register your company.
  • For help and advice or further information, please contact the Gatwick Airport Contractor Support Centre on 01293 501439 or email:

Driving airside

If you are required to drive airside at Gatwick, you need to hold an airside driving permit. Special training is needed in order to get the driving permit and this is provided by our partner, Airdat. To find out more, please register with Airdat or log in to your account if you already have one: For help and advice please contact AirDat on 01227 200066.

You can get guidance on the requirements for airside driving permit in the related Gatwick Airport Directive driving manual.

Crane permits/tall equipment

A crane lift positioned within the 6km radius from Gatwick will require a crane permit. All crane permits are applied for online through our Permit 2 Work system, P2W. 

Crane permits can take up to a month to approve depending on operational heights and location, so we recommend that you apply well in advance of the date is it required. 

The CAA also publishes guidance for all crane operators.  

For further information or assistance please contact the Gatwick Airport Contractor Support Centre on 01293 502112 or email: