ID Regulations l Gatwick Airport

ID pass regulations

As you would expect, there are strict procedures and guidelines in place for all companies wishing to join the Gatwick Airport ID pass scheme.

All ID pass scheme rules are contained in one document – ID pass regulations- which will help you understand the necessary documentation and procedures needed to become an approved signatory and be responsible for securing ID passes on behalf of your organisation. 

Documentation required

At a glance requirements for different ID passes 
Requirements Full
Proof of ID*  Tick symbol  Tick symbol  Tick symbol  Tick symbol
 Visa/RTW**  Tick symbol  Tick symbol  Tick symbol  Tick symbol
 Proof of NI  Tick symbol    Tick symbol  
 5 years references  Tick symbol      
 GSAT  Tick symbol      
 Criminal record checks***  Tick symbol      
 Security interview Tick symbol  Tick symbol   Tick symbol  Tick symbol
 Appointment needed  Tick symbol    Tick symbol  

* Only passports or national ID cards are accepted for non-UK nationals
** Passes will only be issued to visa expiry dates
*** CRCs are required from all countries where the applicant has resided for over six months in the preceding five year period

ID pass regulation documents 

Read or download our latest ID pass regulations. Please check back frequently, as this document is updated regularly.

ID pass regulations - full document

Other guidance

ID Centre guidance notes 
Responsibilities of passholders