Join the ID scheme

Has your company won a contract to carry out work at Gatwick Airport?

So that you can work at Gatwick you will need to apply for ID passes for your employees. If your company isn't yet a member of our ID scheme, then you will need to register your company to join the Gatwick ID scheme.

Please read this page before going to and following the steps below.

  1. Create a new company
  2. Select the relevant airport from the drop down menu
  3. Complete the company enquiry form

In the company enquiry form you will be asked to complete details for your company i.e. address, company registration number etc. You will also need to upload your company logo and your contract. The type of contract will determine whether you are accepted to progress to the next stage of full application to join the scheme. Once issues, your company logo will appear on your ID passes. These only need to be uploaded once as the Mtrust system will pull the details over on to the full application to join the scheme.

If accepted you will be emailed with the next steps to complete the full application on Mtrust. We will also send you the terms and conditions of the ID scheme. Please take a copy of these as you need to send in the hard copy to the ID Centre and also upload it  into Mtrust. 

In the full application you will need to nominate individuals to become Authorised Signatories - these are the people who will manage your ID pass applications on behalf of your employees.

The person nominated to become an Authorised Signatory will need to provide:

  • Satisfactory references covering the last five years
  • No GAPs of over 28 days unaccounted for
  • A valid and current Criminal Record Check – CRC (valid represents - submitted within 10 weeks of the issue date)
  • If the person was overseas, a CRC will be required from all countries where the applicant has resided for over  six months within the last five years. If this is the most recent CRC, this will need to be submitted within the 10 week validity period.
  • A valid General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) certificate

When the security vetting has been completed for your nominated signatory, they will be invited to attend signatory training. Once training has been completed your company will be an active member of the ID scheme and can apply for passes. 

Go to mTrust to register and apply