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Application for permanent pass

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Permanent passes give access to the relevant areas of the airport for a period of up to five years. If permanent passes are not used in any continuous period of 60 days or more they are suspended. This is a security precaution.

If they are suspended they can be ‘unparked’ but only by completing and submitting a reinstatement form signed by the authorised signatory. If the pass has been parked for more than 6 months  and less than 12 months, we will also need you to provide a letter to certify that the holder has remained in your continuous employment since the pass was issued. If the pass is parked for more than 12 months, the pass should be returned to the ID Centre and a new full application for a pass will be required.

Do you need a 30-day temporary pass instead? Please note that you cannot apply for a permanent pass if there is a 30-day temporary pass currently in use by the applicant. However, once we have received an application form and supporting documents, and the application is under way, a temporary pass may be issued.

To get a permanent pass the applicant must provide referees for their employment during the last five years, a personal referee. They must undertake a criminal record check at basic disclosure level and this certificate, when presented to us, must have been issued in the last 10 weeks.

The applicant must also provide an approved identity document and acceptable evidence of their UK national insurance number. Overseas applicants must also provide acceptable evidence of their right to work in the UK. All applicants have to undertake general security awareness training and have a certificate to show evidence that they have completed this training.

There are certain exceptions which are control authorities, airline personnel and those engaged in aviation security duties. This is because the training they receive is more extensive and detailed than GSAT.

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