Temporary passes

Application for temporary pass

Download for 1-5 day pass (pdf format)

The most straightforward temporary pass, and the easiest to apply for, is the one-to-five day pass. You must complete form 8 and the applicant must show us one of the listed types of ID when their pass is produced and issued.

Holders of these passes must be escorted whilst airside and the escorting arrangements are all described in the authorised signatories zone. A second one to five day pass may only be issued in very exceptional circumstances – normally there must be at least seven days between the expiry of one and the issue of another. No matter what, the total of all temporary passes, both one to five day passes and thirty day passes must not exceed 60 days in a rolling 12 month period. 

One-to-five day passes are suitable for, among other situations, unplanned maintenance work, temporary pharmacy cover or for individuals attending interviews or work experience. We don't need references for a one-to-five day pass.

A 30-day temporary pass is more appropriate if your applicant is carrying out work at the airport. To obtain one of these the applicant must provide references for the previous 12 months. As in all applications we need to see an approved ID and for those working, evidence of the right to remain and work in the United Kingdom.

Only one 30-day temporary pass per person will be issued. However, in exceptional circumstances the airport security manager or their authorised representative can authorise an application for a second 30-day temporary pass to run consecutively.

The maximum period allowed for any individual, for any combination of temporary ID passes (one-to-five day and 30-day) is 60 days in any 12-month rolling period.