Which colour pass?

Colour codes

ID passes are in a landscape format, and are in one of four colours for restricted:

  • white passes are issued for landside use only
  • grey is for controlled areas
  • yellow for cargo area
  • red passes are only issued to certain job functions

Additionally, blue-and-yellow hatched design used solely for aircrew.

Gatwick security pass colours

Each pass also carries a highly visible number or numbers. These show the areas of the restricted zone that the holder may be given access to (see table below).

Only those who have a specific need to enter the baggage make-up areas will be allowed access. Those who have been given access have a red B on their pass, next to the access numbers.

Area numbers

1. Internal areas of restricted zone (departure lounges, piers and the interior of other buildings) with the exception of 2 and 3 below.
2. Baggage reclaim halls
3. Baggage make-up areas
4. Ramp
5. Aircraft and their footprints
6 All other areas of restricted zone (e.g. runways)
7. All areas