Templates and forms

Use our template forms when you're providing references for ID passes or for security interviews

ID centre forms

Template letters

We have prepared these templates based on our authorised signatory training programme. If you want to vary the content, make sure that you do not amend the questions the letters pose but feel free to change the letters’ style or tone and remember that you should use your organisation's letterhead when preparing the letters. All are in Microsoft Word format so they can easily be edited.

Forecourt access request form
To apply for staff exemption to forecourt drop off charges

Employment reference 
For referees, not for the current employer.

Sponsoring company reference 
For the current or most recent employer.

Self-employment reference 
To verify details when an applicant has been self-employed.

Employment in family business reference 
To verify details when an applicant was employed by their own family.

Employment agency reference 
If your applicant's employment was with an agency.

Jobcentre Plus reference 
If your applicant was unemployed.

HMRC reference 
If in a family business or self-employed and those businesses are no longer listed.

How to confirm your employment details using the HMRC app
We can now accept a 5-year UK HMRC statement to cover employment referencing for full pass applications. Any gaps in employment of over 28 days will still require referencing.

How to confirm your employment details using the Personal Tax account

Security interview HMRC verification template
Please ensure the guidance notes are followed as per the ‘Security interview HMRC verification template’ and additionally we still require the standard Gatwick Security interview to be included with each application.

Personal reference 
For personal references.

Educational reference 
References from schools, colleges and universities.

Gap reference 
To check any gaps of over 28 days in an employment record. One reference per gap is required.

Voluntary sector reference 
If an applicant has spent time in the voluntary sector.

Internal transfer of staff form  
The internal transfer form can be used in place of references for the purpose of applying for an ID Pass. The form needs to be completed, uploaded & submitted via Mtrust with a new pass application within 28 days of the applicant leaving their previous employer.

Security interview form

It is the responsibility of the sponsoring company to conduct the security interview which is required for all pass holders. 

Security interview form  

Other useful forms    

CEM access request form  
Tools of the trade pass application   - please also refer to GAD F29 Security of Tools and Knives while  Airside
Form to ask for the release of data 
To return a pass that's no longer required 
Station Approach Road and Loading Bay T access 



Complete these forms if asked by the ID Centre

Apply for your exemption to drop off charges

All ID pass holders are eligible to apply for an exemption from forecourt drop off charges for their journey to and from work.

Staff should only be dropped off or picked up from the North and South Terminal forecourts. Red routes will be in operation around the airport road network. Vehicles recorded stopping, loading or unloading on the red routes may be subject to an enforcement charge.

  • Download and complete the Forecourt Access Request Form
  • You'll need to provide your Airport ID pass number and the vehicle registration details. Each member of staff can have up to 2 vehicles registered.
  • Email your completed form here
  • You will receive a confirmation email that your vehicle has been added.

Please note it may take up to five working days between the Forecourt Charging Team receiving your application and confirming that your vehicle has been added to the exemption list.

Make sure you read the Staff Forecourt Access T&C's so you understand what is permitted.